westbound and down

My Snapchat and Instagram followers are already well aware that I made the move to Austin, TX. Cybersecurity is a very new, unfamiliar realm for me, but I am so excited to educate myself more on this rapidly growing field through my position as Content Writer.

My parents would always tell me that when attending an interview with an organization, I am interviewing them as much as they are interviewing me. I did not fully understand what this meant until I interviewed with Ntirety. I was having a conversation and going back and forth asking questions and receiving answers. I felt I had a lot of power in that interview to find out what that company valued as much as the company had the power to figure out what qualities I could bring to the team.

I got endless amounts of company swag-this beanie is by far my favorite though.

One of the questions I asked every place I interviewed with was “What do you like most about working for *insert company*?” and “What do you like most about your position?” Everyone always had an answer, but not everyone had the enthusiasm and excitement in their voices like the individuals I spoke with at Ntirety did. They were excited to share their experiences with the company. They were genuinely interested in my accomplishments, and I could tell they actually took the time to thoroughly look at my work history. I felt comfortable talking to these individuals and truly felt like I could be myself.

A few tips I would give to people currently searching for a job:

  1. LinkedIn is in my opinion the best jobsite (I know it’s technically considered social media). Obviously I love writing and words, but I think LinkedIn has a lot more colors and pictures than most jobsites which helps keep my focus a little more when applying to a bunch of places. LinkedIn Easy Apply is a life saver; I do not think I could have applied to as many places as I did without it.
  2. Make a point of letting the company know you are very interested in them (if you feel it is a good fit for you of course). If the first interview is done and you really enjoyed the company and you feel that the conversation went well, say something at the end! Thank them for their time and let them know that this company really stood out to you.
  3. Read up on the company and people you will be interviewing with so you can better prepare for the questions at the end (when they ask if you have questions-ALWAYS ask questions-it shows the company you are interested and are taking the time to research the company and are genuinely interested in making an impact.

I was super excited to start my job as a writer in the city but also nervous about being the new girl (and likely the youngest person) in the office. Day 1 was mostly orientation/getting things set up. I met everyone in my department. I sat at my desk working on stuff and people came over to me and introduced themselves and asked about me. Throughout the week I met the rest of the office. Everyone made me feel so welcome and at home in this new space. I did not pay for my lunch once. The company bought some lunches and two individuals in the office bought my lunch on two of the days. When on a call with people from different office branches across the states, someone asked me if I was the new Content Writer. I felt valued as a person from day 1, and I loved that people approached me and were genuinely interested in me.

I was asked for my feedback on published pieces and got the chance to do some proofreading. The head of my department appreciated what I had to say and told me the suggestions I made were helpful. I have written about this before, but I struggle a lot with Imposter Syndrome: feeling like you just happened to be in the right place at the right time to get where you are, not based on all the hard work you have done. Being in the right place at the right time is definitely part of getting to where you are in the working field, but your work ethic and portfolio pieces make up a huge portion of why you are where you are. Hearing that my feedback was appreciated and seeing that all that I had trained and worked for throughout college and my internships was paying off was the best feeling. I know it’s only week 1, but I genuinely love going to my job and the people I work with. Excited to start on my first writing assignments next week. 🙂

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