My Favorite Dairy Free Alternatives <3

Fun fact: no one likes dairy as much as lactose intolerant people. Like what’s it like to eat a penny sized bite of ice cream without immediately feeling it in your stomach? Because can’t relate. Whether you’re lactose intolerant like me, are little upset with the dairy industry right now (also me-see Animal Recovery Mission’s Instagram for why), or are trying to cut it out for whatever reason, it can be hard to find foods that do not contain any dairy. Some dairy free foods taste different or may not be as good. You probably are not looking in the right places if this is the case. I put together a list of some of my favorite dairy-free alternatives I have around my house 🙂 (I have also found I have less break outs when I cut out the dairy–there has been some research done to prove there is some correlation–

ANYWAYS on to the list!

  1. Mac n Cheese bb–Ok ya’ll probably saw this one coming. It is a classic and my all time favorite. It literally has cheese in the word so it obviously contains dairy. Annie’s sells this great vegan cheddar Mac and it is delicious. It does have a slightly different taste from normal Mac n Cheese, but it still has a sharp cheddar taste so 10/10. They also sell a creamy pumpkin and sweet potato shells, but it tastes nothing like Mac n cheese. Still great pasta, but nowhere near what I was expecting.IMG_3177
  2. Yogurt. I am a big greek yogurt fan. If you want something with a similar consistency try almond milk yogurt. If you want a slightly sweeter yogurt coconut milk yogurt is a great option. The best part about both of these? They won’t expire as quickly as your regular yogurt would. I love Kite Hill’s almond milk yogurt and So Delicious’s coconut milk yogurt. So Delicious makes a lot of great dairy free products as well another of which I will get to later in the list. IMG_3185.jpg
  3. Milk–it’s used in your coffee, cereal, and countless recipes it seems like this one is pretty hard to escape. The cool thing about plant based milk is that there are so many different options so you can change it up if you want. I switch between almond, soy, and oat. I typically get either soy or coconut milk in my morning coffee if I don’t drink it black. At school (@ FSC peeps) the Moc Mart sells soy and almond milk-the almond milk always seems to go fast though, so I typically buy soy. I know most of you have heard of these alternative milks because they are becoming more popular, especially oat milk in cute lil coffee shops (10/10 would recommend oat milk in coffee).IMG_3186
  4. Protein packed snack–Lenny and Larry’s The Complete Cookie comes in many flavors including snickerdoodle (one of my favs pictured below), birthday cake, chocolate chip, and more. It is vegan and each one contains 16 grams of protein!! I usually pack one for my after the gym snack. They definitely taste a little different (a lot healthier) than a ‘normal’ cookie, but still good nonetheless. IMG_3181
  5. And now for dessert-ice creammmm–a classic. Man I don’t know about my other lactose intolerant friends out there, but this one always hits me the worst oof. But you’re in luck because there are some delicious dairy free ice cream options that are in my opinion equivalent to ‘regular’ ice cream taste. So Delicious sells delicious coconut milk ice creams! Halo Top has some great dairy free flavors as well. IMG_3182

There are plenty of other great dairy-free alternatives I could go through, but I’ll leave you with these for now:) I hope this helped anyone who wants to try more dairy free options or is interested at all. I might do a part 2 of this later on. Anyways goodnight babes and thanks for reading my post I know it’s been a minute.

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