Comfort in the Chaos

Getting back in the swing of things has been a little crazy and very busy, but I am so happy to be back at school with friends. I thought this week about how lucky I am to be busy doing what I love. For example, this week was my first week being Features editor. I was a little overwhelmed at first at the thought of writing 3 articles within 3 days and laying out all them in indesign (oh indesign) I felt so accomplished getting it done.

I really enjoyed writing the articles. I have always loved writing, I think I enjoy journalistic writing so much because it is like putting a puzzle together (don’t get me wrong I love creative/blog writing-obviously). It’s an extra challenge to have to format things a certain way and convey the message/tell the story in a unique way. I only have 2 more general education courses I need to complete and I will be done. This semester is awesome so far because all my classes are within my major (except Spanish for my BA degree, but I don’t mind it)! I know I say this A LOT, but I am so excited about what I am doing. Like how cool is it that I get to do what I love in college. Bottom line, in the chaos of everything, think about how nice it is to be busy and have the opportunities you have. It’s easy to think about all the stress associated with being busy but take a moment and step back. Think about all your hard work-like YOU did that!! I hope you all have an amazing rest of your week.



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