The First Cup of Joe

For those who know me well, you’re already aware that stuff that happened last year that I wish could have gone differently. A few things actually. (This blog post will have a happy ending I promise! :))

I entered my freshman year of college excited about starting off on a clean slate. No one knew me here. They didn’t know how introverted I was. I could be an extrovert if I wanted and try not to curl up into my shell. The first thing you look for when you arrive at college besides where you’re going to find your next meal would be friends. I had two friends in high school who I was very close with so starting all over again was scary as I know it is for most people.

I started with recruitment. I tried to speak clearly, sit up straight, and talk up a storm. I really enjoyed my first night. Although my feet were dead from sprinting from one end of the campus to the other, I genuinely enjoyed some of the conversations I had with these girls.

Come the second night I got dropped from 4/7 houses, three of which were in my top three (this order has since changed). Not gonna lie it kind of hurt a little, but I continued into the second night. Third day I went to two houses. Bid Day came and while other girls were smiling ear to ear I received the call you do not want on Bid Day.

I spent the rest of the day trying to avoid campus (and social media, but I totally cracked) and spent time writing and reading which actually helped me channel my frustration in a positive way. I reminded myself that there are other opportunities to meet people and become involved in something I love.

The next semester I got turned down for the RA position and Orientation Leader. Yes these were some rough days as well (Abby when are we getting to the good part? I’m getting there I promise.)

I was pretty upset. I was honestly pretty stressed about having nothing to put on my resume for this year (I know it’s only my freshman year). I saw all these other people who got the sorority they wanted, got the position they wanted, got to be in the school ads. I was just like wow these people seem to have it all together.

Oftentimes when people have something that we want we only see that. We don’t realize all that we have from not receiving what they have (sorry if that’s confusing). Basically other doors were opened to me by not getting all that I wanted. And these seemingly perfect people probably have gotten rejected from things as well. Although I felt different at the time, I would not trade these experiences. They have helped me to get out of my shell, stop mumbling, sit up a little straighter and gain more confidence for the coming year.keep-calm-it-be-like-that-sometimes.jpg

I am happy these events made me realize how useful writing is to me for getting my thoughts together when I’m upset. Bottom line friends, for every door closed a new one opens. I know you guys have probably heard that a billion times, but it is true. I am looking forward to the coming year and all the amazing new opportunities that come with it.

I get to room with my two best friends that I met this year, write for the newspaper (this year I’m gonna actually write some serious articles not just ones about makeup and movies), run the lake (another stress reliever), earn some money, and try out for some new things. In the words of Meet the Robinsons (an underrated Disney film)/Walt Disney: “Keep Moving Forward.”

Thanks for reading my dudes. Don’t worry I’ll do some funny blogs I promise.

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